The following table lists some of the features of both LXFree and LXBeams. LXPlan includes functions very similar to those of LXFree**.

Compare LXFree and LXBeams

Drawing Toolsyesyes
Data associated with drawingyesyes
Reports generated from datayesyes
Fixture Key Filessomeyes
Edit Key Entry Propertiesnoyes
Make Custom Symbolsnoyes
Edit Key/Color/Template Librariesnoyes
Component Libraryyesyes
Custom Component Librarynoyes
Spreadsheet Reportsyesyes
Report Customizationsomeyes
PDF Exportyesyes
DXF Importyesyes
DXF Exportnoyes
Beam Displaynoyes
Illumination Intensity Displaynoyes
Metal/Open GL 3D Renderingnoyes
Google Sketchup Import/Exportnoyes
DAE Exportnoyes
LXConsole Integrationsomeyes
Patch export to EOS Familynoyes
OSC Patch import from EOSnoyes
OSC Controlnoyes
DMX Importnoyes

**When LXPlan is used with an LXSeries Pro license, it includes functions very similar to those of LXBeams. Some operating system dependent functions differ between LXBeams and LXPlan. For example, direct, AppleScript based integration with LXConsole is not included in LXPlan.